Canadian country artist Ryan Lindsay looked into the eyes of a wolf 5 years ago, and learned about who he was.
“I was on a month long canoe expedition north of the arctic circle and found myself hiding behind a rock in the middle of a caribou herd running across the tundra,” Lindsay recounted. “Behind the thunder of the trample, a wolf came storming up, stopped dead in its tracks 50 feet away, and looked me straight in the eyes.”
At 26 years old, Ryan has developed a successful career in country music since that time that has landed him a pile of shows including the mainstage of country thunder and the Nashville north stage at the Calgary stampede. Ryan Lindsay was named Country 105’s Rising Star in 2018, and this year is one of the Top 12 artists in Project Wild, Alberta Music’s artist development program.
“As a musician you spend so much of your time woodshedding, and working tirelessly to prepare for a live show” Lindsay says “It’s feast and famine, but so worthwhile.”
The stage, and connecting with people is what it is all about for Ryan Lindsay. Hitting his live shows with a contagious, engaging intensity, his sound packs a classic country punch, and his stories showcase the depth of his life experiences at such a young age.
“Looking back on my experience with that wolf, I think we understood each other. You live your life preparing for those little moments that keep you alive. I live for connection, and country music is the best connection of all.”
Born and raised in rural Alberta, Ryan Lindsay has an impressive resume that preceded his music. It includes sailing across the ocean, solo hiking mountains in Greenland, canoeing through the tundra, and guiding extended backcountry trips in Northern Canada. Ryan Lindsay’s fearless exploration of the world around him resonates now through his music.